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Is your Polish a little rusty? No worries – you will find the key info about the 27th Grand Finale below!

This is the second year when San Francisco Outpost will play with Jurek Owsiak and his Foundation!!! Everything started last year when Pawel wrote innocent post on the Facebook. It started the cascade that we cannot stop! Ok, we are not even trying! We let the flow to take us! There are no words that can describe energy, emotions and vibe from the 26th Grand Finale who took place last year at Polish Club of San Francisco. Movie made by phenomenal MarGo Photography and unbelievable amount of $25,000 can only show the magnitude of the event!!

Since last year was so successful, 27th Grand Finale can only be better and bigger!!! And you cannot miss it!!!! The chief of the San Francisco outpost this year is Kasia Southin! Amount of positive Energy, crazy ideas combined with experience and professionalism can only result in 27th Grand Finale of Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity that will break all the records!!!!

Soon, we will introduce you to our artists, musicians, and singers. We will shortly start our auction on-line and will play till end of the world and one day longer!!!!!

We are still looking for sponsors to help us cover organizational cost.

GOCC San Francisco

1. Where and when will the 27th Grand Finale take place?

We play on Sunday, January 13 from 11 am to 21 pm at The Polish Club – 3040 22nd St, San Francisco, CA 94110. The Grand Finale will take place in the building of the Polish Club. We will set up a tent for you in the parking lot where there will be a bar and a BBQ! The gate to the parking lot will be closed from the street.

2. Tickets

Admission to the Grand Final is FREE! We do not charge any payments for participation. All funds collected by us will be transferred to the GOCC Foundation.

3. Parking

We do not provide any parking spaces, you can park in the neighborhood on the street. Here are some suggestions on parking located a few minute walk from The Polish Club.

4. Public transport

We encourage you to use public transport. Bart 24th Street Mission station is located 5-8 minute walk from The Polish Club.

5. Payments

The easiest and most convenient way will of course have cash with you. At the entrance, you can buy tickets, which you exchange for food, drink, lottery coupons and everything you decide to buy during the Finale. We provide the possibility of card, PayPal and check payments!

6. Nearby ATM

The nearest ATMs are located on Mission Street, a few minute walk from The Polish Club: Wells Fargo, Chase and Bank of America.

7. Children

It is an event FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY. We provide attractions for everyone, including children. We are the Kids friendly – your child will be safe and will occupied. Remember that despite the fact that we offer attractions for children, they must be under parents’ supervision the whole time! What can you expect is a games, fun, dance shows and visit from Batman.

8. Food and drink

It would not be the Grand Finale without delicious Polish food. We will have available for purchase a wide range of Polish food, sweets, cold and hot drinks, Polish beer and California wine.

9. The schedule of the day

We play from 11am to 9pm. Until 4pm we anticipate a program aimed at our youngest participants of the Grand Final. At 4 o’clock we will start rock concert for those bit older

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